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Now offering 10 lb boxes!!!


A year-round healthy way to achieve your goals!

We support and believe healthy fundraising options, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles are important for everyone. Our product fulfills these areas and we are proud to offer fundraising in the healthy form of apples. Our benefits include year-round profits, healthy properties, incredible profit margin, quality of product, and accessible sizes of containers for stunning apple display.

There are 2 fundraising approximate weights used with our premium apples:

  1. 10 lb single layer gift box
  2. 20 lb double layer gift box

Included with your fundraiser, your group will receive a 10% rebate on any orders placed online and drop-shipped right to your customer's home with your group's fundraising ID number we provide you. This number is given to your group upon agreement of the fundraiser and placed on each customer's box so they know where to re-purchase your apples between fundraisers. In order to benefit from the online rebate program, you must place one fundraiser per year with Apples Online.

The important information to know about the fundraising program is:

  • Apples Online will give you a delivered price per-pound including freight and drop ship to your location.
  • Your group is responsible for the pickup arrangements.
  • Per-pound pricing is subject to your chosen apple variety and freight distance.
  • A one pallet minimum or more is required when placing your order.
  • Boxes per pallet are approximately: 185 ten pound boxes and 98 twenty pound boxes.
  • Pallet content can be mixed and matched to make your pallet minimum requirements.
  • Turn-around time is 2-14 days from receiving your final order. Or the order can be shipped to arrive on or close to a date you specify.

Fundraiser Pricing

The amount of money your group makes is in your hands! A few good rules of thumb:

  • Price shop at a few of your local grocery stores to get an idea of per/pound apple prices in your area.
  • Each box has a flat rate price, and that price is dependent upon the region you reside in the U.S. due to freight costs. We discuss this prior to committing to the fundraiser.
  • Encourage customers about the benefits of apples and that it's helping your group! Also explain what the fundraiser is for and that these apples are premium hand-packed apples - better than the apples purchased in the store.
  • Let customers know about re-purchasing online between your fundraisers so your group makes the 10% commission year round!

Requirements to Begin your Fundraiser

  • Send all final orders with class/order grouping so that we can pack and ship the order the way you want it organized.
  • A credit card on file is required when the order is placed.
  • Payment options are check, cashier's check, money wire or P.O. (once approved with a credit application). All funds must clear before your order is shipped. A 3% accruing late fee will be charged on all late accounts.
  • The credit card on file will be charged in the event that the group does not fulfill their payment prior to the shipment date.
  • A fundraiser group tax ID or 501(c) is needed on file for tax purposes.

We require 1 fundraiser per year to continue receiving the 10% commission on all online orders. From your orders, we will create a database for you for all customer purchases. Remind customers to continue to purchase from you AND purchase online with your fundraiser code. Send out reminders to parents and customers! Your school will continue to make revenue! It's an easy, healthy way for your group to make money.

To get started, click on the Request Info link to the left and fill out the information form, email us at or call us directly for more information at 509-877-1106!



Are you a fundraising distributor that would be interested in offering our products in addition to what you have available? Please contact us at 509-877-1106

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